I remember a Saturday morning when my Dad said we were going out.  We ended up at a local music store and upon entering, Dad told me to pick out whatever piano I wanted.  He then told me that he had signed me up for piano lessons as well.

I had no idea any of this was happening until it did!

I enjoyed my lessons (but didn't always enjoy the practicing) and a few years later, the organist at our church told my Dad that I should be taking organ lessons.  So, I bet you can guess what happened next!  Yep, we went back to the music store and got a Hammond organ.  I started lessons on the organ while continuing lessons on the piano.

It's been a wonderful life of musical training and I've met fabulous musicians and colleagues along the way.  I have had the privilege of playing in masterclasses for some highly revered musicians and I have accompanied some awesome conductors and composers. 

Although I never thought I would be a teacher, I fell into teaching and loved every minute!  I have worked with students from Kindergarten through College both in the educational system and in private studios.

And my work in churches has been most rewarding throughout the years.  I have worked as an accompanist, an organist, a pianist, a choir director, a handbell ensemble director, a soloist, and Director of Music.  I enjoy working with and encouraging people of all ages to learn more and enjoy music as it can speak to us in ways like none other.

Karen Engebretson



About Me


For the majority of my life, I have worked in churches and schools, teaching, directing, performing and singing.

I have played over 500 weddings and have also provided vocals for most of them.

Along with Christian church work, I have played at local Jewish synagogues both for regular Shabbat services as well as for High Holy Day services.






                                        Vocal Soloist